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Putting Focus on Realistic Education for Alcohol Use
In the Collegiate Setting


The CHOICES Curriculum is a collaboration


Between the NCAA and UNT. The NCAA has awarded grant funding to UNT in order to create engaging and effective programs regarding collegiate alcohol use.


The Curriculum addresses several aspects of alcohol use


Including the basics of how alcohol impacts the body, the mysteries around BAC and intoxication, physical and legal consequences and university support resources. 


The CHOICES Curriculum is intended to


Increase student awareness regarding alcohol misuse and reduce risky behavior related to alcohol consumption.


The Curriculum has three program audiences


Including student athletes, students who are not athletes and faculty & staff. Each has their own curriculum or set of resources that can be accessed from this site. 



The Curriculum is interactive and intended to be engaging


By including video interviews from some of your fellow students, faculty members, Deans and athletic trainers, as well as interactive questions to test your knowledge.

The CHOICES Curriculum extends beyond this training


To include on campus events, engagement with peers and administration, educating incoming freshmen, hosting sober activities and encouraging harm reduction approaches to collegiate life.

Take the CHOICES Curriculum

Navigate to the Curriculum tab to learn more about the impacts of alcohol on collegiate athletic and academic performance. The curriculum includes facts, videos, tips and other useful information about navigating the alcohol culture in collegiate settings.

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